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Knowing the value of your home is the first step for most sellers. Usually, within the first 5 minutes, sellers will ask their Realtor, “What’s my home worth?” And if that number for the seller is not what they think it should be, then there’s a good chance the seller moves on to another real estate agent. A word to the wise: A professional Realtor will provide for the seller a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) in order to have a valid & correct price for a home.  Also, the Realtor will have a working understanding on how to place your home on the market. Don’t be fooled into a high price & then just allow the home to sit on the market with very little or no activity. You will find yourself terminating the contract or it expiring & definitely not getting the high listed price.

Your Realtor should explain to you why they think their number is the right one & how they are able to get your home sold quickly & for the best price. For the seller, this is the MOST important conversation you should have with a Realtor. Call us for a FREE & no obligation consultation. The more you are informed & understand, the better for you & your future.

When it comes to finding the right real estate agent, who gets the price RIGHT the first time, there is none better than a Realtor like Laura Hill at Local Katy Realty who cares & fights for her clients. https://www.localkatyrealty.com