Do you know what the 2 most important factors to consider when selling your home?

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PRICE & CONDITION are the 2 most important factors to consider when selling your home! But other very important factors are curb appeal, repairs, advertising, negotiations, & of course getting updated information throughout the entire process from your Realtor & the lender.
Why getting it right the first time matters so much
Studies have shown that a home’s first two weeks on the market are the most crucial to the success of the sale. This is the time period when the house will get the most attention from Internet searches & buyers’ agents, so it’s important to make a good first impression.

If the home is not priced reasonably, many buyers will simply move on. One common, & incorrect, strategy is to set the price on the high end (say, 20% more than you expect to get), & progressively lower it over time. You might eventually sell, but at a much lower price than what you really want. In other words, it back fires on you.

In all MLS listings, the number of days your home is on the market is displayed. Red flags tend to be raised for buyers when homes have sat on the market for a while. Buyers start to instinctively ask themselves, “What’s wrong with it?”, “Is it overpriced?”, etc. Also, buyers have can have an advantage to low ball the seller if it has been on the market for a long time. According to one report, homes that sold within their first week on the market averaged about 2% over list price, while homes that sat on the market for four months sold for more than 11% below their original list price. So, getting it right from the start can make a tremendous difference.

Make sure the home is in tip top shape. De-clutter your house. Fix some of those items you have been putting off. Clean, clean, clean. Stage the home if necessary. And there’s a big payoff on curb appeal: plant new flowers, greenery, mulch to spruce it up, a well maintained lawn; make it look pretty.

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